THE QUARRY: Waiting on the Morning

by Comb Magazine

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, The Quarry is a three-man band that just might be the amalgam of every 90’s band you ever loved. Their freshman EP, Waiting on the Morning, (now available on Spotify) transports you back to a time when infectious folk-y rock blues pop was all over the radio. The title track off of their EP has all the emotion of Live, the delicious melodies of Del Amitri, Nirvana’s grit, and the bass-y groove of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their slowed down cover of Help! by The Beatles sounds like Noel Gallagher, Hootie, and Kurt Cobain had a baby.

Jason Wornoff, of southeast Cleveland on lead vocals and guitar, has been drawing from blues and classic rock influences since he first picked up a guitar at age 11, and it shows. His voice has a memorable, impassioned rasp. Bassists and back-up vocalist, Nick D’Eramo, from Dublin, Ohio, met and started jamming with Wornoff just prior to their graduation from Ohio State University in 2012.  Singing backup vocals and on drums, (a bassist by trade) Vinny Prestia joined the guys earlier this year, after moving away from NYC to dig tunnels under Columbus (literally). In a few short months, these three Ohioans have created a hybrid sound that is accessible and unique.

Check out their music video for Waiting on the Morning, here:

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