2012 is a year of iContact before eye contact. And guess what, homies? I’m not looking for any of that. Be my pen pal. SW(eird)F seeks pen pal for a pre-internet exchange of friendship and ideas. Consider this an homage to anti-social behavior before it…


Cover Your Tracks: A Comb Magazine Playlist

Cover Your Tracks. Because the original track was good, but this one made me doodoo my pants. 1. Kid Liberty – F**k You (Cee Lo Green) 2. Evergreen Terrace – Maniac 3. Deftones – No Ordinary Love 4. City and Colour – Love Don’t Live…


In The Know: NJ Local Artists

New Jersey, at this point and time, is best known for two things: Bruce Springsteen and The Jersey Shore, and with any luck the television show will soon be forgotten about. However, Springsteen and his legacy will continue to be heard and cherished throughout the…


Film Friday Double Feature – Miller’s Crossing & Barton Fink

I’m not much for words, typography excluded, so I’ll keep this short. Film Friday is my personal design interpretation of a different movie every week. This week’s post features two films by the Coen Brothers, Miller’s Crossing and Barton Fink.

Green Ampersand


Alex would never admit to himself that he was here because Chloe said they could “hang out.” The words sounded weightless coming from Chloe’s mouth. He imagined that if he were to say the same words, they would be held to the ground by spiky…


Music Monday: Townes Van Zandt

Townes Van Zandt is sort of the ultimate unsung hero. He never had a had a hit single, much less a hit album, never reached any level of impressive popularity, and yet, he’s arguably the greatest folk and country song writer ever. There’s an earnestness…


Play With Your Food

“Give me your art, your food, Your muddled condiments yearning to breathe free, The tasty refuse of your steaming meal. Send these, the makeshift, art-inspired to me, I lift my plate beside the golden comb!” Seriously, draw and sculpt with your food and send us…


Admit It!: A Comb Magazine Playlist

Songs we love to hate, but hate to live without. 1. Hanson – Give A Little 2. Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild 3. Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger 4. Die Antwoord – I Fink U Freaky 5. B*Witched – C’est La Vie 6….

Fully Retractable by M. Lyons

Livin’ In The Fridge

It’s 1993, and Weird Al is singing a parody of a reasonably-successful Aerosmith song, peppered liberally (like the original Steven Tyler/Joe Perry composition) with references to paranoia, bizarre forms of life, decay, rot and a general undercurrent of simmering unease. Oh, and it’s got a…

Pantsless Peach Pie

The Sorcerer’s Scone – Pantsless Peach Pie

First, start by removing your pants. This pie is meant to be baked in total comfort and let’s face it, pants are restrictive and inconvenient. (Not pictured: Saucepan & glass pie dish — Didn’t need to be pictured: Large Bowl/Coffee Maker/Tree) Gather your ingredients! 2…