About Us

Janine Kamouh is like a kindergarten teacher without the class. She is an avid reader of literary fiction and children’s books, and has a passion for all things pizza. She’s a master baker, a self-proclaimed wordsmith, a part-time lover, and a full-time friend. In short, our generation’s next great cat hoarder.

Travis Roberts is a graphic graphic designer and America’s only functioning zombie. If it were opposite day, his interests would include The Beach Boys, Mary Kate & Ashley movies, and the Twilight Saga. He currently designs for Bullet Tooth Records & NJ’s Black Potatoe Festival. More importantly, Travis is unbelievably charming sometimes. So kind-of charming, in fact, that you might submit material based on this emoticon wink 😉 Did it work?

Kevin Dixon is a human font. He is sharp, serify, and looks good surrounded by white space. He has a Comic Sans humor with a Baskerville sophistication. Kevin is an avid collector of collections, an eater of bacon cheeseburgers, a movie maniac, and a distant relative of Doc Brown—in his daydreams.

Joanna Kamouh is a bona fide four-eyes currently kicking it in academic publishing. She is a collector of poetry, bikini t-shirts, and bad commercial jingles. Joanna’s dream date is the Hubble Space telescope and she is way more into the moon than Lance Bass ever was. She enjoys fiction with weird undertones and even weirder overtones.

Did all of that make you want to talk to us really bad?
E-mail us at combmag@gmail.com!