Music Monday: King Tuff

King Tuff is charisma incarnate . Looking, sounding, and playing like an absolute wild man, Kyle Thomas; the king we speak of, has returned with an album truly marking him as a bad, bad thing. The scope of this record has matured slightly from his…

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All My Might

Stay tuned for a forthcoming album from Hunter & Wolfe. In the meantime, here’s a preview of how lovely it’s going to be.   Follow Hunter & Wolfe on… YouTube: Bandcamp: Facebook:  


Two Poems

Stages Springtime Please come save us. Misery of winter. Frozen are my hands, lips, and soul. Melt me. A Chair is Still a Chair Sit, I’ve So much To give. Rest. Calm. Life is too Short for Standing, Waiting for Next times. Grab a cup…


Music Monday: Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Penguin Cafe Orchestra was an instrumental band who pumped out some folky and ethnic jams in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. They had some tinges of classical music stringing everything together, but with mostly folky instrumentation, their compositions became a pretty funky hybrid of those…


Music Monday: Saves The Day

I first listened to Through Being Cool in 2001, my freshman year of high school, and two years after it had been released. It was cool then, and it was cool five years after that, it was cool ten years after that, and it’s still cool…


Film Friday: Reservoir Dogs & Jackie Brown

I’m not much for words, typography excluded, so I’ll keep this short. Film Friday is my personal design interpretation of a different movie every week (or two). This week’s post features two films by the Quentin Tarantino, Reservoir Dogs and Jackie Brown.

Deformed Del Rey

Emerging Artists: Holly Frances

When New Zealander Holly Frances isn’t working to develop her art portfolio for class, she’s creating these masterpieces on the side – which only causes us to question “if this didn’t make it in the portfolio, what did!?” Even in her barest pieces, Frances manages…


Music Monday: mewithoutYou

mewithoutYou just released a new album called Ten Stories and in doing so have returned a little bit back to their earlier roots. It’s not Catch For Us The Foxes, of course, but it’s also not It’s All Crazy, and I’ll mark that off as…



Carlos Cancela Pinto was born in Porto, Portugal, in 1978. Carlos is a self-taught photographer and only shoots photos with film cameras. The experiment of new concepts with film, is his the main interest for the medium. Carlos finds great beauty in the use of…

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2012 Presidential Debate

Quick drawing for the debates this evening, hard to say who won, if there really ever is a winner in politics.