Music Monday: King Tuff

by Matt Goold


King Tuff is charisma incarnate . Looking, sounding, and playing like an absolute wild man, Kyle Thomas; the king we speak of, has returned with an album truly marking him as a bad, bad thing. The scope of this record has matured slightly from his last, and it’s certainly more well-rounded for it, but what the last record did well, this builds on and does even better. It’s filled with energy and attitude and volatility, and it’s such an attractive mix of the three that I’m pretty sure I would do anything it told me to. When he sings “Baby, just break the rules.” I’m quick to think, “Sure, I’ll break any rules, I’ll break all the rules, I can break rules, tell me the rules so I can break them.” Kind of pathetic, but hey, this album is the kid in high school who’s one year older than you and ten years cooler than you who just said hi to you.

Matt Goold is a graphic designer proudly living and working in the New Jersey/Philadelphia area. He likes going camping, watching baseball, and eating ice cream. For more examples of his work go here and here.

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