Two Poems

by Adam Everett


Please come save us.
Misery of winter.
Frozen are my hands, lips, and soul.
Melt me.

A Chair is Still a Chair

Sit, I’ve
So much
To give.
Rest. Calm.
Life is too
Short for
Waiting for
Next times.
Grab a cup
Of coffee.
Or tea. You
Know you
Want some.
And how about a book? There’s that one sitting
On the shelf, which you’re supposed to read for
Class. But it’s kind of late now. I’m better to
Relax on.                                        I know
you’re                                             tired
from                                               it all.
Lay                                                Life
on                                                  me.
Just                                               let
it all                                               go.
Don’t                                              need
to rush.                                          things.

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